Episode Guide

Episode 1A: Dare to Get the Bear

Louis uses both English and Cree words to tell Randy that Emily’s son is sick and that he needs to get him a maskohkân (teddy bear) to make him feel better. Randy thinks maskohkân means a bear’s fang. Mr. Thompson tells Randy that maskohkan means teddy bear and not a bear’s fang.


Lesson: Kids should always avoid doing things that can put them in danger



Episode 1B: Beading Stars

Louis tells Randy that Mrs. Charles need mekisuk (beads). Katie thinks the word means berries. Randy, Katie and Anne go to pick up berries for Mrs. Charles. When they arrive at Mrs. Charles’ house they learn that the word for berries is menisu not mekisuk which means beads.


Lesson: Not everyone likes the same things. Diversity and self-expression are an important part of life.


Episode 2A: No Time for Stories

Louis asks Randy to help Mr. Thompson collect the medicinal plant known as rat root. He also tells him bring muskimot (a bag) with him. Randy thinks that muskimot means hiking shoes. He borrows Anne’s hiking shoes. The hiking shoes Randy is wearing are too small and his feet begin to hurt.


Lesson: There is time for fun, and there is time to focus on your chores.


Episode 2B: Stick to the Plan

Louis tells Randy that he needs to deliver kinowacigosa (long wooden sticks) to Mr. Thompson, and cimacigosa (short wooden sticks) to Mr. Charles. Randy begins to wonder which wooden sticks are for Mr. Charles and which ones are for Mr. Thompson. When Randy arrives at Mr. Thompson’s house he finds out that he has brought the wrongs sticks.


Lesson: Teamwork can help get things done faster and better


Episode 3A: The Big Pie Sale

Louis tells Randy that he has to deliver kuhkithuw (all) the blueberries to Mrs. Charles. Randy picks up only one pail. When Randy arrives to Mrs. Charles’ house with one pail of blueberries she tells him that she’s having a pie sale, and the one pail of blueberries isn’t enough for the number of pies she’s going to bake.


Lesson: If you don’t get it right the first time, you can try again until you get it right.


Episode 3B: Colors of the Quilt

Louis tells Randy he needs to get Mrs. Charles some mihkwêkin (red fabric), sîpihkwêkin (blue fabric), osâwêkin (yellow fabric). Randy doesn’t know what those words mean.

Randy and Katie mistakenly think that the Cree words Louis told Randy mean red, blue and yellow or orange skirts instead of red, blue and yellow fabric.


Lesson: Kids should listen carefully and patiently to what adults have to say.


Episode 4A: Goodbye Clutter

Louis gives Randy a sack and instructs him to collect uyanisa and metuwakuna (clothes and toys) for donations. Anne tells Randy that the words mean clothes and toys and suggests that he donates some of the clothes and toys that he doesn’t use anymore.


Lesson: You are never too young to start giving back


Episode 4B: Count on Anne

Louis gives Randy a large bannock. He tells Randy to kakeeskis (cutting into slices) and give bannock Mr. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Katie and Anne. Randy first heads to Anne’s house. Anne tells Randy the word kakeeskis means cutting into slices. Randy, Anne and Katie count the bannock slices from one to five in Cree.


Lesson: Breaking bread and sharing it with others is an important tradition.


Episode 5A: The Birdhouse

When Randy arrives at Louis’ house, he’s given the task of the day, which is to get pitheses (bird) food for Mr. Charles. Katie thinks pitheses means fish. When they get to Mr. Charles’ house, the kids find him outside, building a bird house. Mr. Charles tells them that he needs bird food, not fish food.


Lesson: It’s important to take care of our pets


Episode 5B: Lost and Found

Louis tells Randy that he needs to find a box for wanihta ikwa miska (lost and found) for the community centre. Katie thinks wanihta ikwa miska means hide and seek. Randy thinks that Louis wants to play hide and seek the next time there’s an event at the community centre, and he wants a box to hide in.


Lesson: When we find something that belongs to someone else, we put it in a lost and found box.


Episode 6A: Digging for Dinosaurs

Randy tells Randy that Emily’s son wants a dinosaur musinahikan (book). Randy thinks that, since dinosaurs are extinct, Louis wants him to find dinosaur bones. He invites Katie and Anne to help him with the task. The kids start digging for bones, but all they find is a bone that Osky buried.


Lesson: Reading books gives us both knowledge and joy


Episode 6B: Some Kind of Syrup

Louis tells Randy to get siwakamisikan (birch syrup) for Mrs. Charles. Randy meets his friend Katie, who tells him that siwakamisikan is a special type of syrup, but he doesn’t know exactly which kind. Randy assumes that siwakamisikan means cough syrup. Mrs. Charles almost poured the cough syrup on her pancakes.


Lesson: Kids should never take medications without adult supervision.


Episode 7A: Skipping the Rope

Louis asks Randy to bring peminuhkwan (rope) to Mr. Thompson. Katie tells Randy that she heard her sister saying the word peminuhkwan when she was skipping the rope. Randy thinks that Mr. Thompson needs a skipping rope, but what Mr. Thompson needs is a rope to hang his hammock.


Lesson: Exercising is important to keep our bodies healthy


Episode 7B: Car Trouble

Louis tells Randy to help Mr. Thompson kitchistin (clean) his car. Randy meets Katie, who thinks kitchistin the car means, fix the car. The kids decide to ask Mr. Charles for tools, and then go to Mr. Thompson’s house. Mr. Thompson tells Randy that his car is working fine, and that what he needs to do is clean it.


Lesson: Cars, tools and machines are not toys


Episode 8A: A Paint Job

Louis tells Randy that Mrs. Charles is working on a sopekahikewin (a painting), and she needs paint and brushes. Katie thinks sopekahikewin means painting the walls. Katie thinks Mr. Thompson might have some leftover paint and brushes he can give to Mrs. Charles. Mrs. Charles tells Randy that she is working on a painting, and not painting the walls.


Lesson: Art is something that we can all enjoy


Episode 8B: Let it Snow

Louis tells Randy that Mrs. Charles needs an extension cord to plug her konowi-mechiwin (snow cone) machine. Randy and Katie think Mrs. Charles needs an extension cord for a snow machine. They look for a long extension cord that can reach all the way to Mrs. Charles backyard. Mrs. Charles tells Randy that all she needs it to plug in her snow cone machine in the kitchen.

Lesson: The spirit of holidays can be felt all throughout the year