About the Show

Louis Says is a half-hour animated children’s television series. Louis is an elder, whose mission in life is to help people in his community, but he is getting older and it’s getting harder for him to continue with his mission.

Louis decides to recruit a boy named Randy to help him with his work. Every day Randy arrives at Louis’ house and receives instructions for a task that he has to complete, but there’s one problem: Louis speaks mostly Cree and little English while Randy only speaks English. How can Randy help Louis if he can’t understand his instructions?

In order for Randy to fully understand Louis’ instructions he first needs to learn what the Cree words in the instructions mean. However, Randy is a bit impatient, and he is tempted to complete the task without knowing the meaning of the Cree words. Luckily with the help of people around the community who can speak both Cree and English, Randy would eventually be able to figure out the meaning of the words and complete the task.

From bringing a gift to a sick boy, to delivering fabric for a quilt, to picking up medicinal herbs, each episode in Louis Says features stories that resonate with children, and reinforce important values such as patience, respecting elders, helping others and teamwork.