Instilling Values in your Child

What values do you hold and want to pass down to your child? Honesty, respect, compassion, dependability might be on that list, which may seem easier said than done.  Here are some ways to help instill values in your children.

  1. Volunteering / Helping your Community: Encourage your child to volunteer within your community and work along with your child.  Your child will discover that they have an obligation to help out others in need, showing values of dependability and compassion.
  2. Be a Positive Example at Home: Show kindness and consideration for your significant other, family members and friends.  Children can hear negative comments or fighting which may evolve into your child believing acting negatively towards others is acceptable.
  3. Show Respect: Children are observers and the people they observe the most are their parents.  Show your child on how to show respect towards their elders and people in authority. This is also a great way to show how manners can go a long way, everyone deserves a “thank you” and “please”.
  4. Use Media to Reinforce Positive Values: Read your child stories that involve a tale about values that are important and choose television shows that display the same values.
  5. Generations Change: The world today is much different than when we were children.  Realize that teaching such values may have changed, especially in the world of texting, emails and social media.  Show interest in items that your child finds important; encourage and motivate your child in these interests. Point out values when opportunities present themselves, such as writing mean comments on a social page and that they need to respect others and have compassion for the situation.